Terms & Conditions

We require 24 hours' notice of any cancellation. In the event of cancelling an appointment with less than 24 hours' notice then 50% of the cancelled grooms' cost will be charged upon booking your next appointment. We send out a text message reminder 48 hours prior to the appointment to avoid this happening! If you fail to turn up for your appointment and also fail to call us then 100% of the cost of the groom will be added to your account

We will always try to save a coat that is matted but if the matting is too severe and the dematting process is hurting your dog or causing them distress then shaving them down is the kindest thing to do - no matter how much you want them to look like a teddy bear. A dematting surcharge of £15 will be added to your bill wether we succeed in brushing it out or shaving it down - brushing out will require extra time & products and shaving down a matted coat also takes extra time and blunts our blades.

To avoid any of the above, longer coats require extensive brushing in between their grooms, along with a more frequent grooming schedule - we recommend dogs with long coats to be groomed on a 3 week rotation; 3 weeks wash and blow dry, 3 weeks then groom and so on. In our experience this is the most effective way of keeping long coats and to avoid matting and shaving down

Time Keeping
We have a small salon and run a tight schedule. If you turn up more than 15 mins early for your appointment you will, very apologetically, be asked to come back at the time of your appointment as we just don't have the space to accomodate you and your pooch! Furthermore, if you arrive any later than 15 mins for your appointment then we will not be able to complete the groom & 50% of the groom will be charged

Additionally, if you fail to collect your dog within 30 mins of us calling you then a late collection fee of £5 per half an hour will be added to your bill - we're sorry but we are not a doggy day care!

If for any reason you are unhappy with any aspect of the groom you are welcome to contact us on 0208 440 6736 / info@thewooflounge.co.uk and arrange to bring your dog back to the salon within 48 hours of the groom for us to rectify the complaint free of charge

We require you to fill out a registration card on your dogs' first visit. It is your duty to inform us of your dogs' medical conditions, if any, and to inform us of any behavioural issues that may impact the grooming process. We will not be held accountable for irritation / patchiness / abrasion or hair loss due to any pre-existing skin conditions caused by your non-disclosure

Aggressive Dogs / Bad Behaviour
If your pet bites or attempts to bite a person or another pet then a muzzle may be used or the groom may be stopped. You will be required to pay for all works undertaken to that point. Grooming an aggressive and or nervous dog takes a lot of extra time and quite often requires 2 groomers. It is a high risk for us - if we get bitten badly then we are unable to work - therefore, extra charges will be incurred; unfortunately we are unable to give an exact quote until we have completed the groom as behaviour is assessed throughout the groom. Similarly you will be required to pay full cost of any damages and expense your pet has caused. Obviously when working with animals, the odd toilet accident here and there is expected but if your dog excessively urinates and deficates the salon then again an extra charge will be incurred.

If your dog has fleas your appointment will be cancelled but charged 50% and will be asked to rebook once they have been treated at home. If the fleas go unnoticed during the consultation then a surcharge of £15 will be added to your bill as we will have to fumigate the salon